Online Maths Tutor – Skype Tutoring

Too busy and not enough time to get to a Maths tutor?

Have you ever considered Skype Maths tutoring? Did you know that it can actually be a more effective way of learning than getting one on one personal help with Maths? Online tutoring using Skype is a great way of having Maths tutoring lessons.

Skype Makes It Easy To Be Tutored In Maths

With Skype tutoring your child can take screenshots of the steps and working out they can see on their computer – so no time is wasted in copying notes down. By focusing only on their screen they won’t miss a step. They can then copy the notes from the screenshots later on.

They can listen to the recording (optional) of their lesson as many times as they need to. They can then review explanations and hear the answers to their questions again while looking at the relevant screenshots, a fantastic way to review each lesson – not an easy thing to do with personal tutoring.

Subjects Taught

I tutor students who do Maths from the Australian (Vic) Curriculum

  • Year 7 to 10 Maths
  • VCE Maths Methods Units 1 & 2 and 3 & 4
  • VCE Further Maths Units 1 & 2 and 3 & 4

What To Expect In Each Lesson

Your child will be focusing on what matters most at the time in regard to the Maths they don’t understand – digging down to more basic concepts when needed, to make sure they have the foundation of the Maths they are struggling with.

The Maths your child is struggling with will be explained to them in simple terms in a way that they will understand.
Your child will:

  • Have a better understanding of what they didn’t understand at the beginning of the lesson.
  • Feel more confident about tackling their school Maths after the lesson.

Detailed feedback on your child’s progress will be given at the end of each lesson.

“Harry was just initially concerned about the Skype lesson because he felt it was going to be a little harder to explain his issues, but he felt that it was a great way of learning. Once the session got going, I felt it was more efficient as he was able to take a screen shot and move onto the next thing without the downtime of copying the examples into his book.”

How To Get Started With Maths Tutoring Via Skype

The following are essential so your child can get the most out of each Skype lesson:

  • A quiet place at home without any background noise such as family members talking in the same room or coming in and out of the room, TV going in the background, doors or cupboards closing and things like that. This is because Skype tends to pick up all the noise in a room and can make it very distracting and hard to hear for me as I use a headset to do Skype lessons.
  • Ideally a desktop computer with a cable or phone connection to the internet – otherwise a laptop will work as long as there’s a good internet connection.
  • Your child will need to have the questions they need help with nearby so no time is wasted looking for them. Using bookmarks or coloured sticky tags can be helpful with this.
  • Either pen or pencil and paper or screen capture device eg. phone or computer screen capture, so they can copy the steps I’ll be showing them on my tablet.

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