Is your child making these mistakes In Maths?

If they’re struggling with Maths, they might not even know they’re making them.

Most of the students I’ve tutored were making these mistakes when they first came to me for tutoring – these mistakes were part of the reason why they were struggling with Maths.

By making some simple changes to the way they were doing Maths, the “how to” part of it became easier, and their results at school started to improve.

The Mistakes report will show your child:

• 10 Mistakes most students make in Maths.
• What they need to do instead.
• An easier way of doing Maths.

Most students who struggle with Maths think they have to be Mathematically inclined to do well at it.

In reality, it’s changing a few simple things about the way they do Maths. And it’s not hard to make those changes either – simple organisational changes that make Maths easier to understand and do.

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