8 Essential Basic Maths Skills Your Child Needs To Have To Succeed In Maths

If your child is struggling with High School Maths then it’s more than likely they’ve either forgotten their basic Maths skills or they didn’t learn them the first time round.

If they don’t learn them now then they’ll probably continue to struggle with Maths.

Back to Basics Tutoring

My back to basics one on one and small group tutoring program has helped my students to learn the fundamental Maths skills that they didn’t have.

By taking small steps one lesson at a time they slowly but surely got better at doing basic Maths. Their confidence grew and their school Maths started to become easier to understand and do.

From there they were able to progress to harder levels of Maths and some of them even went on to do VCE Maths Methods.

The Back to Basics Free Video Course

The first seven lessons in this course are the same lessons that my students do. They start on these lessons because they of the gaps in their understanding of the basics.

Over time as they work through each exercise the gaps are filled in, they develop essential basic skills which gives them confidence and they steadily build a strong foundation for their school Maths.

These lessons will get your child started on some simple but fundamental and essential basic Maths skills that will help them start the process of getting back on track with their school Maths.

The Lessons And Exercises

The first seven lessons each have a video that explains how to do the exercise:

  • How To Add Whole Numbers
  • How To Subtract Whole Numbers
  • How To Multiply Whole Numbers
  • How To Divide Whole Numbers
  • How To Add & Subtract Integers
  • The Meaning of the Numbers in a Fraction
  • How To find Equivalent Fractions

After these seven lessons you’ll receive other basic Maths lessons as well as Maths tips and advice.

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