Online Maths Tutoring Via Skype

Online Maths Tutoring Via Skype

In this first lesson your child will be able to get help with anything they’ve been struggling with during the year including homework, topic tests and any assignments they want to go over.

I offer a Free 45min Skype lesson to start with so both you and your child can get a feel for the way I explain Maths and so you can both see if tutoring via Skype will work for them.

In this lesson I’ll answer as many questions that your child needs help with that we can get through in the 45 minutes.

I’ll explain how to do each question in a way your child can easily understand. I’ll also answer any questions they have about what I’ve explained to them.

“Harry was just initially concerned about the Skype lesson because he felt it was going to be a little harder to explain his issues, but he felt that it was a great way of learning. Once the session got going, I felt it was more efficient as he was able to take a screen shot and move onto the next thing without the downtime of copying the examples into his book.”

What Kind Of Trouble Is Your Child Having With Maths?

  • Do they have a history of struggling with Maths?
  • Are they starting to struggle with Maths?
  • Have they been pretty good at Maths so far but now need help with the harder questions they’re getting stuck on?
  • Do they need help with VCE Maths?

Back To Basics For Struggling Students

If your child has a history of struggling with Maths then a basic skills test will be the starting point for them to find any areas of weakness. Once they’ve finished it I’ll help them to get started on the most critical basic Maths skills that they struggled with.

By the end of the lesson they’ll have a better understanding of how to do those skills they practiced and I’ll also provide a homework sheet based on what they did in this lesson.

If no areas of weakness show up and your child wants to look at some of their school work they’re struggling with then I’ll help them with those questions for the remainder of the lesson.

VCE Maths Methods & Further Maths Students

In your child’s first lesson I’ll be helping them with the specific questions they want to look at. These can be past tests or exams from the previous year/term or current work they’re stuck on. If they want to start a new topic we can go through some questions in an exercise.

They’ll be explained in a way that your child will understand and I’ll answer any further questions your child has about what I’ve explained to them.

What Your Child Will Need For Maths Tutoring Via Skype

  • It’s very important that you have a quiet place at home without any background noise. You need to make sure that there will be no background noise like cupboards or doors opening and closing, people talking coming in and out of the room, Tv on or music going in the background.

    This is because Skype tends to pick up all the noise in a room and can make it very distracting and noisy for me as I use a headset to do Skype lessons.

  • Ideally a desktop computer with a cable or phone connection to the internet – otherwise a laptop will work as long as there’s a good internet connection.
  • Your child needs to have the Maths questions they need help with close by.
  • Either pen or pencil and paper or screen capture so they can copy the steps I’ll be showing them on my tablet.

Schedule A Skype Lesson

Now before you schedule a lesson – do you have any questions? If you do then you can ask them HERE

Click HERE to book a time for a free (or paid) lesson.

Once you’ve booked your lesson you’ll get an email confirming the lesson date & time and an email reminder from me the day before your child’s lesson.

Make sure your child is on time! I will be ready and waiting at the time you’ve booked and if you’re late the lesson will be shorter and still finish on time.

FAQ’s – Maths Tutoring Via Skype

Q: Will my child be working directly with you?

A: Yes I’ll be tutoring your child. You’ll both be able to see me by using your webcam and the lesson will work best if I can also see you both.

Q: How do I book a lesson(s)?

A: If you go to this page: (here) there’s a calendar with times for when I’m available. You just have to choose any time that suits for you. Once you’ve booked a time you’ll get an email reminder from me the day before your child’s lesson.

If for some reason none of the times are suitable contact me HERE and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time.

Q: How often will my child need a lesson?

A:  For best results a regular weekly lesson works best for most students who are struggling with Maths. If they only need a lesson now and then then that will work also.

Q: What if my child get’s stuck between lessons?

A: If I can answer by email I will. Otherwise I may post a video or photo answer in our Facebook Group.

Q: How many lessons will my child need?

A: It will depend on a few things:

  • Where your child is at when they start Skype Maths tutoring with me.
  • How much homework they do.
  • How motivated they are.
  • How they go at school once they start tutoring.

Older students know when they don’t need tutoring any more – school results are usually a good indicator.

Q: How long will it take for my child to improve their results in Maths?

A: I won’t really know until I start tutoring them. I’ll have a good idea of what your child is can do after a couple of lessons.

Over time if they do the things I suggest and do the homework and their school homework then things will improve. It really depends on your child’s motivation and the effort they put in.

Q: How long is each lesson?

A: One hour. If we need to spend a little extra time to finish a Maths question it’s not a problem unless I have another lesson immediately after your child’s lesson. I ask that you respect my time and that we don’t drag out every lesson.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: No, however you do pay for each lesson when you book the lesson time.

Q: What’s your lesson cancellation policy?

A: With enough notice you can just book another time.

If you miss your lesson without letting me know there won’t be a make up lesson. If you need to book for another time for whatever reason, then you must let me know ASAP before the lesson.

If your child says they don’t have any Maths to do the lesson can be booked for another time as long as I am informed ASAP before the lesson they want to cancel.

Note: during the school term there is always something students can learn in Maths, especially if they are not getting the results you want them to at school.

Q: Can I have others in the lesson and do you charge extra?

A: At this stage no. I intend to have group lessons sometime in the future.

Q: How do your students (and their parents) contact you?

A: My students (and their parents) contact me by email and Skype and phone (year 11 & 12 students).

Q: What type of students do you help?

A:  Motivated students doing year 5 Maths (Primary School) and above up to year 12 Maths Methods.

Adult students studying Maths for entrance tests into Nursing, Police, Fire, and the Defence Services. And any other occupation that has an entrance exam/test that requires a knowledge of Maths (below University level).

If your child isn’t motivated then Maths tutoring via Skype probably won’t work. I’ve found that tutoring only works for students who are motivated to improve at Maths and who also do the homework.

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