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Is Your Child Worried About Falling Behind In VCE Maths Methods?

Are they keeping up with the class? Are they practicing past exam questions and getting through them successfully? Your child can get through VCE Maths Methods without the stress and pressure of upcoming exams and SAC’s and get the results they want.

I specialise in Maths tutoring for VCE students. Lessons are always tailored to the areas of Maths that each student needs help with. My personalised and results-focused coaching sessions assist each students to achieve the results they want in Maths.

I have developed my own suite of VCE preparation tools that teach students the formula for successful problem solving, test and exam preparation. By learning and applying this formula, students can overcome any previous challenges with VCE Maths and successfully complete more of the harder questions with greater confidence.

As part of my VCE preparation

  • Teach students to develop step by step mastery and perfect their organisational skills and exam technique.
  • Assist students with SAC’s for tests, SAC’s and exam preparation, teaching them the content as well as preparation strategies.
  • Help each student with the specific questions they need help with so they can build on the concepts and skills and attempt harder questions.

These students succeeded because with my help they understood all the things in Maths Methods they were struggling with and they put the time and effort into doing enough homework.

If your child likes the way I explain Maths and they do the homework I suggest then I can help them to improve their results in Maths Methods.

Are Any Of These Things Happening To Your Child?

  • They’re trying to copy down notes and examples while listening to their teacher’s explanation at the same time and can’t really take in what their teacher’s saying.
  • At the end of the lesson they still don’t understand what they were taught which makes it difficult and frustrating when they try to do the exercise for homework.
  • Their teacher doesn’t give them enough help in class with the harder questions in each exercise and these are the ones they get stuck on when attempting them for homework.
  • They move onto the next section of work and still don’t understand how to do some or all of the questions from the last section.
  • Their teacher is saying things like “just use the CAS to work it out” which doesn’t really help them to understand how to do the Maths.

These things make it harder for students and possibly your child to understand the underlying concepts and know what they’re doing when attempting new questions.

The Main Things I’ll Do For Your Child

  • Explain the Maths in simple terms so they really understand it.
  • Show and explain clearly the step by step solving process they need to use to solve each problem.
  • Help them prepare for their upcoming SAC’s and exams.
  • Help them to make changes to the way they are doing Methods which may be making it more difficult for them to make progress. eg. poor setting out, not organised and things like that.

With my help and encouragement they’ll be able to turn their Maths around and feel more confident about getting through VCE Maths Methods with the results they want.

As their understanding and confidence improves they’ll be building a repertoire of Maths Methods problems that they CAN do.

They’ll also have the confidence to have a go at harder questions on their own. If they get stuck on these questions they can always bring them to tutoring and have them answered.

As The Year Progresses

I’ll give your child specific advice and suggestions about the types of questions they need to be doing and when they need to be doing them.

This will give them a structured approach to preparing for their tests, SAC’s and exams.

As long as your child puts in regular efforts ie. homework on their own at home then their understanding of Maths Methods will improve even further.

How well they do in their tests SAC’s and exams will depend largely on how much they prepare, how early they prepare and how well they do in test situations.

Getting Started With Tutoring

The first step is to bring your child in for an assessment lesson. For most of this lesson I’ll be helping them with the questions and problems they need help with.

By the end of the lesson your child will have a clear understanding of the problems they were stuck on.

And you’ll both know whether my tutoring will work for your child and I’ll have a good idea as to where your child is at with Maths Methods.

To Make An Appointment Or For More Details

Contact me on 0410 577 469 or use our Contact Form.

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I’ve Successfully Tutored Students Who Attended These Schools

Haileybury College, Toorak College, The Peninsula School, Padua College, John Paul College, Woodleigh, Balcombe Grammar, Melbourne High School, Mentone Boys & Girls Grammar, Melbourne High School, Lilydale High School, Frankston High School, McClelland College, Elizabeth Murdoch College, Bayside Christian College, St.Leonards, St.Peters in Cranbourne, Frankston Tafe, Kilbreda College, Dromana Secondary College, Patterson River Secondary College, Carrum Downs Secondary College