Developing A Strong Foundation

Is your child struggling with what seems to be simple Maths?

Have they lost their confidence with Maths?

This can be immensely frustrating for you as a parent as your child loses confidence, and especially if you don’t know how to help them with Maths.

Struggling with Maths doesn’t mean that your child won’t ever be good at it. It just means that they haven’t learnt certain concepts and skills along the way. By focusing on their learning style and key foundation concepts they can bring out their best and do well in Maths at school.

Tutoring That Works And Can Work For Your Child Too

In the time I’ve been tutoring students who were struggling with Maths, losing confidence, not doing well in tests and falling behind at school, I discovered a simple process for helping them to get back on track at school.

Some of them had no idea how to do Maths and had very low self esteem, and were able to turn their Maths around. They changed their self belief about Maths and other areas of their life just by getting started on basic Maths and building from there.

Most students made progress in their very first lesson. Others eventually managed to turn their Maths around and change their self belief. All of them improved their results at school. Some of them went on to win the VCE prize at their school and many of them got back to me and let me know that Maths ended up being their best subject.

If your child is struggling with Maths and you’ve tried things that haven’t worked then there is hope for them. Getting back to basics does work and can work for your child too.

Poor Basic Skills

If your child has a history of struggling with Maths or is starting to struggle, then it’s more than likely they have gaps in their understanding of the basics. I’ve found this to be the case with nearly all of the Year 3 to Year 10 students who’ve come to me for tutoring.

They were struggling with their school Maths and as they learnt or re-learnt the basics, things started to improve at school. And this can happen with your child as well. If they learn (or re-learn) the basics where they have gaps then they’ll have the foundation they need to do the harder Maths they’re getting stuck on.

Not Using The Step By Step Methods

Another contributing factor to students struggling with Maths is doing too many steps in their head. They don’t practice the step by step way of doing Maths and they make mistakes in their mental calculations. Many of my students were doing Maths this way and even though they weren’t bad at Maths, they were struggling to get good results in tests.

Students who do their work this way also tend to have gaps in their understanding. Gaps in the basics and also gaps in other areas. Mainly because they do the work in their head and don’t remember it. Doing the steps makes it easier to remember Maths! It takes more effort but the process becomes quicker and more effective the more it is practiced.

Not Doing Enough Homework

Is your child doing enough homework? Are they doing any homework? Some mums say to me that when they ask their child if they have homework, the answer is “We don’t have any”. Is this what your child says?

If so, why doesn’t your child have any homework? As my students say, it’s because their teacher says if they don’t finish the exercise in class then they have to finish it at home. So students rush to get it done so they don’t have to do homework when they get home.

Doing homework at home is where your child will find out if they can do the Maths or not. Doing Maths on their own builds confidence and also gets your child to get used to test and exam type situations where they have to do it on their own anyway.

Many of my students tell me that they only have to do a few questions from the current exercise. This isn’t enough to build solid understanding in all the types of questions in each exercise. Students from the top private schools are set Maths homework in every lesson at school. They usually have to do all the questions in an exercise.

They get the better results and better opportunities because they do more of the harder Maths and become more skilled at Maths. They get to year 12 with a strong foundation of Maths skills and a strong work ethic they tend to do very well in their exams.

If your child is not doing enough Maths homework then they will be getting left behind. It’s very hard to learn VCE Maths without a solid foundation of Maths from the first few years of high school.

The Solution

Addressing these three areas of Maths will contribute to making Maths easier for your child to do. Having basic skills means a strong foundation and confidence in those basic Maths skills.

Showing steps will lead to a better understanding of how to solve Maths problems, better retention and higher test scores.

Doing homework on a regular basis will lead to stronger discipline, improved skills and better results. Doing more questions in each exercise within the homework will lead to better Maths skills and more opportunities after school.

Your child can overcome their struggle with Maths and it all starts with addressing the basics.

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