Back To Basics Tutoring That Will Give Your Child Confidence With Maths

There’s no doubt about it, Maths is a real struggle for some students. I think it’s because they’re encouraged to “just use your calculator” for even simple Maths, and as a result they lose touch with their basic skills.

This is what I’ve found with most of the students who come to me for tutoring. They struggle with basic Maths and do rely on their calculator to do simple Maths. Not having basic skills makes it much more difficult for them to understand harder Maths.

No Confidence With Maths

They have no confidence with Maths and dread going to Maths at school because they know that they’re one of the ones who can’t do Maths. They put off doing homework because they don’t really understand how to do it.

They can be nervous when there’s a Maths test and they spend the night before worrying about failing it. And sometimes they feel like there’s something wrong them because they struggle with Maths.

If your child is still struggling with Maths then it’s more than likely they have gaps in their understanding of the basics. If they learn those skills then they’ll have confidence with Maths and the underlying foundations of all the harder Maths they struggle with.

My Back To Basics tutoring program will help your child:

  • Develop a solid foundation of basic skills.
  • Learn key skills in Basic Arithmetic, Fractions, Decimals, Integers and Equations.
  • Develop their Maths skills by completing simple exercises.
  • Consolidate their skills and understanding with homework exercises.

As your child learns (or re-learns) and practices the basics, their skills & confidence will improve and they’ll find that their schoolwork will start to become easier to do.

Note: how much your child improves and how fast they improve will depend largely on how much effort they put in.

Getting Started

In their first lesson your child will do a basic skills test. Then I’ll help them to get started on some of the areas of weakness that show up in the test.

They’ll practice the relevant skills by doing one or more exercises for the remainder of the lesson. If they get stuck or need help with any questions, I’m there to help them.

If they’re like other students I’ve helped with basic Maths, then by the end of the lesson they’ll feel a lot better about the Maths in the exercises they completed.

Towards the end of the lesson I’ll give them a homework sheet based on one of the exercises they completed.

On-going Lessons

In on-going lessons your child will be working through their individually designed Back to Basics worksheet program that will target the specific areas that showed up in their basic skills test.

They can also bring their schoolwork to each lesson if they need help with it. However the primary focus in the first few lessons is to get them started on learning some key basic skills to help them build their confidence.

If your child likes the way I teach them and does the homework I give them, their confidence and understanding of Maths will grow and their results at school will show some improvement.

How much improvement will depend largely on how much effort they put in.

To Make An Appointment

To make an appointment or for more details, contact me on
0410 577 469

If you’d like your child to have tutoring via Skype I offer a 30min Free trial Skype lesson. Click HERE for more details.

If you still have questions you can ask a question HERE or give me a call.

Best regards.

Michael Wion -

Michael Wion
Maths Tutor Frankston
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