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“Maths Basics” Tuition

Is Your Child Struggling With Maths?

  • Are they losing confidence because of this?
  • Are they just starting to struggle at school?
  • Have they been struggling with Maths for some time?
  • Do they find Maths generally easy but are now struggling with the harder questions?

The ability to do well in high school Maths is the product of a well developed set of basic Maths skills – a family of related abilities: number sense, number skills and a conceptual understanding in these areas. But these fundamental skills are often overlooked at Primary school and the earlier years of High school, where the true “basics” are ignored – bypassed in favour of getting through the curriculum.

But this is not in the best interest of students – particularly younger students. Attempting to do advanced Maths when not being able to add, subtract, multiply or divide or any other simple Maths without using a calculator often leads to frustration, loss of confidence and low self esteem.

Too often students get stuck on a Maths problem and give up – deciding that they can’t do Maths, when in fact they just haven’t been encouraged to develop the foundation skills.

Maths Basics tuition is how I help students overcome this problem. It’s a “skills course” that that focuses on fostering Maths ability through a series of exercises. The emphasis is not on helping with school homework but on understanding, practice and repetition to develop a solid foundation of basic Maths skills.

What Your Child Will Learn In “Maths Basics” Tuition

  • A structured program for basic Maths to build a solid foundation.
  • Simple exercises to help them develop their skills.
  • Concepts and skills in Basic Arithmetic, Fractions, Decimals, Integers and Equations.

They’ll also be given homework exercises to consolidate their skills.

Most of the Year 6 to Year 10 students who come to me for tutoring because they’re struggling with Maths have some gaps in their understanding of the basics.

As they learn (or re-learn) these basics, their skills & confidence improve, they find the harder Maths easier to understand and their results at school start to improve.

This can happen with your child too. Once the gaps are filled they’ll have the foundation they need to do the harder Maths they’re getting stuck on.

How It Works

In their first lesson your child will start with a basic skills test. Then with my help they’ll get started on some of the areas of weakness that show up. With my help they’ll learn how to do the Maths in these areas and then practice them on their own with me as a backup when they get stuck.

By the end of the lesson they’ll be more confident in those few key areas. They won’t necesarily be experts at them but they will be more in touch with how to do them.

I’ll explain and show your child how to do the questions in each exercise in a way that they’ll understand and I’ll answer any questions they have about what I’ve explained to them.

Towards the end of the lesson they’ll be given a homework sheet based on one of the exercises they completed.

On-going Lessons

For on-going lessons your child will be working through their individually designed Back to Basics worksheet program that will target the specific areas that showed up in their basic skills test.

If your child likes the way I teach them and does the homework I give them, their confidence and understanding of Maths will grow and their results at school will show some improvement.

How much improvement will depend largely on how much effort they put in.

Getting Started With Tutoring

To find out more or make an appointment contact me on
0410 577 469

If you’d like your child to have tutoring via Skype I offer a 30min Free Skype lesson On This Page.

If you still have questions you can ask a question HERE.

Best regards.

Michael Wion -

Michael Wion
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