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Hi, my name is Michael Wion and I specialise in two areas of Maths: helping school students who struggle with Maths to get back on track with their schoolwork; and helping VCE students get the results they want in Maths.

I’m a qualified secondary teacher with more than twenty-three years experience tutoring Primary and Secondary school students in Maths.

Has Your Child Been Struggling With Maths For Some Time?

If so then it’s more than likely they have gaps in their understanding of the basics. If these gaps are not filled, your child will find it difficult to do more complex Maths. If the gaps are filled, your child will feel more confident with the basics and will find that over time, their school work starts to become easier to understand and do.

Is Your Child Starting To Struggling With Maths?

If your child has been doing ok with Maths but is now finding the Maths harder to do, then my strategy with them will be to help them with the specific questions and problems they’re getting stuck on. In each lesson I’ll go through the specific questions they need help with and help them to get ahead of their class so they’re better prepared for each test and their exams.

Does Your Child Need Help With VCE Maths?

If your child is struggling with VCE Maths then my strategy will be to guide them towards their tests, SAC’s and exams. In each lesson I’ll help them with the specific questions they’re struggling with by explaining how to do them in a way that they understand. If your child wants to get a certain ATAR score then I can help them to do that.

How My Tutoring Will Help Your Child

The main reason students like my tutoring is because I explain Maths in simple terms in a way that they always understand. I give them an in-depth understanding of how to solve the questions they struggle with and make sure they fully understand the underlying concepts.

The way I explain Maths to all my students is to engage them in the learning process by asking them what each step is, rather then just telling and showing them each step. Their answers guide me as to where to lead them next.

This strategy is incredibly effective because even if your child doesn’t know the answer, just having a go, even if it’s a wild guess, will build their confidence over time, and they’ll end up with a better understanding of the problem solving process.

Over time they’ll lose the fear of getting the wrong answer and their confidence will grow and can extend into other areas of their life. I have seen this happen with every student who has come to me for tutoring and has continued with tuition on a weekly basis.

Private & Small Group Lessons

I offer private and small group lessons for students. In these lessons each student is helped with the specific areas of Maths they need help with, using a whiteboard as the main teaching aid.

They are also given homework, study tips & advice and mentoring and support if they have poor organisational skills.

I also let them know if there are things that they are doing that are making Maths harder to learn and I suggest better ways of doing those things.

What You Can Expect

If your child likes the way I explain Maths to them and also puts the time into doing homework, they will improve their understanding and skills and over time will become more confident with Maths. How much they improve their school results will largely depend on how much effort they put in.

I tutor up to 35 students each year so places are limited.

My Tutoring Includes The Following

– Diagnostic testing (Basic Maths).
– Structured lessons for learning remedial basic Maths including homework exercises.
– Lessons specifically tailored to the Maths that your child needs help with.
– Mentoring and support if your child has poor organisation skills.
– Help with school homework and practice SAC’s.
– Transition to Year 7 preparation during holidays.
– VCE exam preparation during term break.
– Exam and test preparation for all Year levels.

Lesson Times

I’m available for lessons on Monday to Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-1pm.

I tutor from home in Frankston. I also tutor students online via Skype and offer a complimentary first lesson.

Make An Appointment

Call me to discuss how I can help your child unlock their full potential. Ph: 0410 577 469

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