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Does Your Child Need Help To Pass Maths?

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Hi, my name is Michael Wion and I tutor students from year 6 to year 12 Specialist Maths. I help them to understand the Maths they’re struggling with and I can help your child too.

Are Any Of These Things Happening To Your Child?

  • Their teacher is going too fast for them to understand.
  • They don’t understand the way their teacher explains Maths.
  • They’ve been struggling for some time.
  • They’re starting to struggle with Maths.
  • They need help with the harder questions they’re getting stuck on.
  • They’re not getting the individual help they need from their teacher in class.

How I’ll Help Your Child With Maths

My students like my tutoring because I explain Maths in a way that they understand. I break it down into simple terms so that they get it. If one way doesn’t work then I try another way until I find a way that does work for them. And whatever Maths concepts or problems your child doesn’t understand, I’ll do the same for them.

They’ll also be shown the step by step method that Maths needs to be done in. They’ll also be guided and encouraged to do the little things that make Maths easier to learn like being organised and showing steps in their working out.

They’ll be given the individual help that they need with the specific questions and in the areas of Maths that they’re struggling with.

Having a clear Understanding of Maths is one of the keys to succeeding in Maths and with a better understanding your child will have the beginnings of more confidence and better results at school. They’ll also be willing to try harder Maths as their confidence grows.

My tutoring will work for your child if:
1. They are motivated to improve at Maths.
2. They like the way I teach.
3. They put in enough effort.

The Assessment lesson

Nearly every student who has come to me for the initial assessment lesson liked the way I explained Maths to them. They showed an improvement in their understanding of the Maths they were stuck on by the end of the lesson and they also felt better about Maths.

If you bring your child in for an assessment lesson, and they feel that they haven’t learnt anything or don’t like the way I explain Maths to them, there will be no fee payable for this lesson.

Back To Basics Essentials – Year 3 to 10

If your child is struggling with Maths or has a history of struggling then its more than likely they have gaps in their understanding of the basics.

If these gaps are not filled in your child WILL continue to struggle with Maths and find it difficult to make significant progress at school.

My Back to Basics tutoring program will help them develop the confidence and the basic Maths skills they need to get back on track at school. As they learn these skills they’ll find that their school Maths becomes easier.

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VCE Maths Methods & Further Maths Tutoring

Most Maths Methods students get stuck at some point. Usually on the harder questions.

Then they start falling behind. They don’t find out how to do those harder questions and then they can’t keep up with the new work they’re getting because it’s based on the work they didn’t understand.

So the main thing I’ll do for your child is explain how to do the problems they’re getting stuck on in a way that they WILL understand.

I’ll also guide them towards their exams with the specific things THEY need to be doing to keep moving forward so they can get the results they want.

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