How To Get The Results You Want In Maths Tests

Need help studying for tests?

Do you seem to understand the set work before the test and then not do well in the test itself?

Are you putting in a lot of time studying but still not doing as well as you’d like to? Do you worry about failing the night before the Maths test?

If so then you might be doing these things:

  • Reading notes instead of practicing questions.
  • Reading through questions instead of practicing them.
  • Not practicing enough questions.
  • Not preparing early enough before the test.
  • Not being organised in the way you do your work.

Practice Questions Rather Than Reading Notes

There really is only one way of getting better results in Maths tests you do. And that is to practice the questions that will be in the test. If you practice what you have learnt in Maths enough times so that you can easily remember how to do it as well as getting it correct then that is good preparation.

Reading notes instead of practicing can be a sign that you’re not really confident with the types of questions you’re being tested on. If that is you then get some help with the questions well before the test so you can then practice them.

Practice Doing The Questions Rather Than Just Reading Through Them

This is a mistake some students make. They think they’re pretty good with the Maths the test is on because they got most of the questions correct but then they don’t do as well as they thought they would.

It’s always a good idea to try the questions again and actually write out the steps. Doing this forces you to remember how to do the steps. And then you’ll remember them a lot more easily in the test.

The hand eye connection when you write things gets wired in your brain more strongly than if you just read notes – a proven scientific fact.

So if you really want to do well in the next Maths test, put the time in and practice the questions by writing them out instead of just reading through them.

Practice Enough Questions Until You Feel Confident With Them

Not practicing enough questions can be a sign of not having a good study technique, not being confident with the topic, not being motivated…

If you’re motivated to do well you really need to practice maybe 5 or more questions from each exercise to refresh your mind on how to do them. You need to do enough until you’re confident that you can do them. And this amount will vary depending on how difficult you find the topic and how much you understood during the topic.

If you’re not confident with the topic then get some help well before the test if you can so you can try the questions again before the test.

Start Practice At Least 3 Days Before The Test

This gives you enough time to ask for help if you get stuck on any questions. You don’t want to leave all the practice until the night before the test. A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t know it the night before the test then you wont’ know it on the day of the test.

So you really need to give yourself plenty of time to get through enough question in your preparation. Anything from 3 to 7 days before the test is a good length of time. Even if you get through the study in the first couple of days you’ll still have plenty of time up your sleeve to ask any questions.

Be Organised In The Way You Do Your Maths

So the practice is really the main thing. However there are some key things that you can do to prepare effectively for Maths tests.

1. Be neat and organised with your bookwork.
2. Always correct your work as you do it and not at the end of the exercise.
3. Set out your work correctly.
4. Ask for help well before the test.

All of these things need to happen on an ongoing basis from topic to topic. The actual studying for a test is really just practicing questions from all the exercises in the topic you have covered. You need to practice them until you don’t have to look back at similar questions to remember how to do them. If you practice them enough you will know when you know them.

So if you have understood how to do the questions in the exercises leading up to the test and you practice them enough then there is no reason why you can’t do similar questions in the test. Good luck and skills in your next Maths test!


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