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Achieving better results in high school Maths starts with having good Basic Maths skills. Having good Basic Maths skills starts with being able to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide whole numbers.

If your child can’t do these confidently without their calculator then what chance do they have with more difficult Maths?

Once your child starts practicing some basic arithmetic they’ll be more confident with numbers.

Once they’re more confident with numbers they’ll be more willing to learn basic Maths skills in other areas.

Once they’ve learnt these skills they’ll be more confident about having a go at the school Maths they’ve been struggling with.

That’s how simple Maths can be. Learn the basics and your child will be able to learn the harder stuff.

Your Child Can Have Some Success In Maths Today

So here’s a chance for your child to have some success in Maths today – by learning or re-learning and practicing some basic arithmetic skills today, for free.

I’ll explain and show how to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide whole numbers in the first video lesson. The exercise that comes with the video is very simple so your child can easily do it and then correct their answers.

By making the questions easy for your child to do they can have some success immediately. And that will give them some confidence.

If they don’t understand something they can ask a question in the comment box beneath each video and I’ll answer it within 24 hours.

Once your child has received the next three Basic Maths lessons: Integers, more Basic Arithmetic and more Integers they’ll receive one new lesson each week. Each lesson will show them another key skill they need for high school Maths.

To get your child started on their first arithmetic lesson today just enter your details in the form below.

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Disclaimer: The lessons in this free trial are so you and your child can get a taste of what they’ll learn in our Back to Basics for High School Maths program. The lessons won’t necessarily make the school Maths your child is struggling with any easier. However they will give your child a start on learning and practicing some of the basic skills they need to have to be able to make progress in the more advanced school Maths.