How To Calculate The Discount Price Of A Pair Of Shoes

A $95 pair of shoes has been discounted by 10%. What is the discount price?

Method 1

Calculate the discount and take it away from the original price

So the amount of the discount is:
10% of 95
= 0.1 x 95
= 9.5

Then you subtract the discount amount from the original price:
So 95 – 9.5 = 85.5 which means the discount price is $85.50

Method 2

Workout what percentage of the original price you will have to pay and then multiply that by the original price.

If the discount is 10% then what percentage of the original price will you pay?

Answer: 100% – 10% = 90%

So You will pay 90% of $95:
90% of $95
= 0.9 x 95
= 85.5
= $85.50

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