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Studying For Exams

If you really want to get an A in Maths, then you’ll need to do a few things to make that happen. And it all starts with this thing first. Decide That You’re Going To Get An ‘A’ Getting an A in Maths will only happen when you decide that you’re going to get one Read More

Do you seem to understand the set work before the test and then not do well in the test itself? Are you going into your test feeling like you are not going to do well even though you feel that you have prepared well? HOW do you study for Maths tests? Is there a way Click Here to Read More

How to stop worrying about exams – especially Maths exams. Worrying about not doing well or even failing doesn’t really do you any good at all. If you’re worrying about your Maths exam and getting stressed then the first thing you really need to do is stop worrying because no matter how much you worry Click Here to Read More

The way to practice Maths for exams is right at the start of the year by doing the questions in each exercise thoroughly the first time. You do this by making sure you understand all the questions you got stuck on (and put circles around the question numbers in your textbook whenever you get stuck Click Here to Read More

What’s the best way to study for Maths Methods exams – work through questions at exam pace – or take your time? Your teacher may be telling you to practice doing questions at exam pace so you can get used to how fast you need to do them in the exams. Personally I don’t think Click to Read More

I think the most important thing you need to focus on in the lead up to your exams is how well do you know your stuff? Because if you don’t know it then doing practice exams and not doing well in them won’t give you any confidence about doing the real exams. But if you Click to Read More

Because if you don’t then your work doesn’t really show that you understand how to get the answer. There’s no actual proof that you know how to get the right answer. You might not know how to work out the answer so you guessed it and guessed it right. Or you might have copied from Click to Read More

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