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A Simple Game To Improve Number Skills If your child is still using their fingers to add and subtract numbers in Maths then here’s a simple game that can help them improve their number skills the very first time they play it. Adding Numbers Without Using Fingers The game will give your child confidence with Read More

It depends on what kind of trouble your child is having with Maths and also on whether you’ve tried any other avenues of help for them. If Your Child Has A History Of Struggling If your child has been struggling with Maths for some time then they probably have gaps in their understanding of the Click Here to Read More

If you don’t get a Maths tutor then you’ll have to rely on someone else to help your child with their school Maths. Someone who might not have the expertise of a Maths tutor. For example your child’s school teacher, extra lunchtime or after school classes with other school teachers, family members, help on the Click Here to Read More

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