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Learning Maths

One way your child can improve their number skills is to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers until they’re good at them. Another way is to play games that have been designed to improve their number skills. The video below will show you a game that is fun and that will also help your Read More

If you really want to get an A in Maths, then you’ll need to do a few things to make that happen. And it all starts with this thing first. Decide That You’re Going To Get An ‘A’ Getting an A in Maths will only happen when you decide that you’re going to get one Read More

A Simple Game To Improve Number Skills If your child is still using their fingers to add and subtract numbers in Maths then here’s a simple game that can help them improve their number skills the very first time they play it. Adding Numbers Without Using Fingers The game will give your child confidence with Read More

Why do teachers insist that students set out their answers their way or the highway? Why should a method of working out a Maths problem be marked wrong when it is actually 100% correct? I guess the simple answer to this is that there always more than one way of working out a problem in Click Here to Read More

Because if you don’t then your work doesn’t really show that you understand how to get the answer. There’s no actual proof that you know how to get the right answer. You might not know how to work out the answer so you guessed it and guessed it right. Or you might have copied from Click to Read More

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