TEST 5 Apr 14 to Jul 25

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If they do then I can help them to do better than just pass Maths.

Hi I’m Michael Wion and I tutor Year 6 up to Year 12 VCE Maths Methods students who are struggling with their school Maths.

I help them to understand the Maths they don’t get and to develop the problem solving skills they need to get through the Maths as it becomes harder.

Over time their attitude to Maths, their confidence and self belief become more positive and their results at school improve.

Does your child:

  • Struggle with their school Maths or do they have a history of struggling with it?
  • Want to get better marks in their Maths tests and exams?
  • Need the help of a tutor to get a certain ATAR score in VCE Maths?

If they do and they like the way I explain Maths then I can help them. Click HERE to find out more.