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Michael Wion

Hi I’m Michael Wion, and I tutor students in year 6 to year 10 who have a history of struggling with Maths and need help to pass Maths.

I’ve helped many students to turn their Maths around and get back on track at school, and I’ll help your child do the same.

Are Any Of These Things Happening To Your Child?

  • They’re struggling with their school Maths and losing confidence because they just can’t do it.
  • They’re getting frustrated and upset at home because they can’t do their Maths homework and it’s affecting other things they do.
  • They procrastinate about doing homework and then stress about it at night.
  • They’re starting to feel like they’re no good because they can’t do Maths.
  • They don’t seem to have much Maths homework to do but they’re also not getting the results you want them to at school.
  • Or maybe they’ve found Maths pretty easy throughout their schooling so far but they’re struggling with it now that it’s getting harder.

Most of the students who come to me for tutoring in year 6 to 10 Maths have one or more of these things happening to them.

After their first lesson they feel quite relieved because they finally understand some of the things they just didn’t get.

This Is How I’ll Help Your Child

In their first lesson with me they’ll start with a basic skills test.

Then they’ll get started on an exercise relevant to the most basic skill they need to do first.

I’ll explain and show how to do these questions in a way that your child will understand and I’ll answer any questions they have about what I’ve explained to them.

For the rest of the lesson they’ll be working on another one or two exercises depending on their understanding and skill level in Maths.

As long as they like the way I explain Maths to them, they’ll have a better understanding of how to solve the questions they need help with. They’ll also know whether they like my tutoring or not.

For ongoing lessons they’ll be working through our basic Maths worksheet based program which will be tailored to the things that showed up in their basic skills test.

If your child likes the way I teach them and does the homework that I give them then their confidence and understanding of Maths will grow and their results at school will show some improvement.

How much improvement will depend largely on how much effort they put in.

Getting Started With Tutoring

To find out more or make an appointment contact me on
0410 577 469

If you’re interested in your child having Skype tutoring I offer a 30 minute Free Trial Skype lesson HERE.

Best regards.

Michael Wion -

Michael Wion
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