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For Students Who Want Better Marks In Maths

TEST 3 Sep 22 to Oct 26

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Does your child feel like this about Maths?

No confidence with Maths? Struggling at school and getting frustrated at home because they keep getting stuck on their Maths homework? Falling behind at school?

If any of these things are happening to your child I can help them to overcome them and become confident with Maths.

And it will start with your child actually understanding the Maths they’re stuck on.

Once they understand it they can practice the associated skills and over time they’ll become more confident with them.

As their confidence builds they’ll become more positive about tackling harder Maths and their results at school will improve.

Note: These positive things will only happen if your child likes the way I explain Maths to them, and does the homework I give them.

If they’re below their year level Maths I’ll help them to learn the skills they need to get up to standard.

If they’re struggling with the harder Maths in each topic I’ll help them with the specific questions they’re getting stuck on.

No matter what Maths your child is struggling with my tutoring will help them to understand it, develop their skills further and become more confident with it.

Maths Tutor Frankston

Back To Basics

If your child is struggling with Maths or has a history of struggling with it my tutoring will give them the foundation skills and understanding they need to build up to the harder Maths they’re struggling with at school

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VCE Maths

If your child is struggling with VCE Maths Methods or Further Maths my tutoring will give them an in-depth understanding of how to solve the problems they’re stuck on as well as a thorough preparation for their SAC’s mid-year and final exams.

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Skype Maths Tutoring

Back To Basics & VCE Maths

Try a Free 30min Skype lesson. In this first lesson your child will get help with the questions they’re struggling with and by the end of the lesson they’ll know if my tutoring will work for them.

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