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These basic Maths worksheets are some of the same ones that my students work through in their tutoring lessons – students who have forgotten their basic Maths skills or never really learnt them in the first place.

If your child struggles with Maths then these lessons will help them get started on some of the basic skills they need to have in order to understand and be able to do the harder school Maths they’re getting stuck on.

Being able to do these exercises will give your child confidence with those basic skills.

The videos and worksheets cover:

  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Integers
  • Equations

These lessons will also give you some of idea of what to expect in my tutoring lessons.

The lessons are in our members area. If you register for membership you’ll also be sent email notifications of the lessons that are already in the members area and notified when new lessons are added.

If your child gets stuck on any of the exercises or doesn’t understand anything in a video they can ask questions in a question/comment form below each video or or you or they can send me an email with their question.

Final note – when students in Year 5 to 10 who are struggling with Maths or have a history of struggling with Maths, get started on these basic Maths lessons they have a positive experience with Maths.

They realise that they can do Maths and feel better about what they’ve done and learnt in the lesson. Over time they become more confident and willing to try harder Maths and the same can happen for your child.

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