Frankston Maths tutor

Hi, it’s Michael W. here.

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself.

I’m actually a pretty normal guy who used to teach Maths at Eltham High School. When I was teaching Maths I found that there were students who always struggled with it. And they weren’t getting the type of help that they really needed – constant one on one help in every lesson.

I offered my help at lunchtimes for the ones that needed it and some of them turned up. Most didn’t because it wasn’t cool to get help at lunchtime. But for those who did come for help I helped them the best that I could with what I knew.

But most of what I did was patchwork tutoring. It helped a little bit with what they were struggling with but didn’t give them any long term success in Maths.

I ended up leaving the school system after seven years. I worked on my father’s boat hire business for about four years then I began working for a tutoring agency.

Again when helping students with Maths I found that I was doing patchwork tutoring. I soon came to realise that the reason why most students struggle with Maths is because they don’t have some or all of the foundations of Maths.

They don’t understand the underlying principles of Maths and because of this they are not able to develop the understanding and skills that they need to make steady progress.

If these two things could be addressed then any student could learn Maths. So I decided to design a simple system that would teach those fundamentals to high school students.

I did and I have been using them ever since opening my tutoring business. This system has worked for many high school students who were failing Maths and had almost given up the idea of ever being able to pass a Maths test at school.

Most of the students I currently tutor use this simple system and I have found that as long as they put in the time at home they eventually put the pieces together. And some of my past students who also used this system achieved results that they would never have thought possible.

I believe my worksheet based tutoring program is one of the best because it is simple and it gets results. And I stand behind it. I also stand behind my method of tutoring.

Which is to explain Maths in a way that is easy to understand. I also believe that my ability to connect with teenagers is one of my strengths.

My focus is on making sure each student I teach understands the Maths that they are struggling with. And it will be the same for your child if you decide to bring them in for lessons with me.

Michael W.
B.Sc. Dip. Ed. (Monash)
Maths Tutor

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