How to Calculate the Discount Price of a Pair of Shoes

How to work out the discount price

What is a discount? Basically it is a reduction or decrease in the advertised price. So you pay less! So how do you calculate the discount price?

Lets have a look at an example. Say you want to buy a pair of shoes and the original price of $95 has been discounted by 10%. What is the discount price?

Method !: Calculate the discount and take it away from the original price.

So 10% of 95
= 0.1 x 95
= 9.5

Now 95 – 9.5 = 85.5 so the discount price is $85.50

Method 2: Workout what percentage of the original price you will have to pay and then multiply that by the original price.

So if the discount is 10% then what percentage of the original price will you pay? 100% – 10% = 90%

You will pay 90% of $95:
So 90% of $95
= 0.9 x 95
= 85.5
= $85.50

Both these methods work. One way is a little quicker than the other. So the best option for you to use is the method you like best.

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  1. Nilesh
    2 years ago

    You got yourself a wrong answer. The price after discount is 85.5. :-)

  2. Mzwakhe
    2 years ago

    wow never knew how easy it is to calculate price discount.

  3. Audrey
    2 years ago

    I know how to calculate the discount (which is the calculated discount) but they are asking me to calculate the estimated discount. What do they mean? For example the list price is $400 and the percent of discount is 25%. I know that the calculated discount is $100. But when they ask me for the estimated discount, what do they mean?