Easy To Understand Maths Tutoring That Will Give Your Child Confidence With Maths

Effective tutoring that will make Maths easy for your child to understand, help them to develop their Maths skills, become more confident with Maths, and ultimately get better results at school.

Tutoring Is Guiding Students

I use an “ask, listen and guide” approach to teaching my students. They learn best by being engaged in the learning process rather than just being shown what to do.

A Supportive Environment

Learning Maths can be difficult and making mistakes is part of the process. I encourage my students to have a go at answering questions even if they don’t really know the answer. Their confidence builds because they are always encouraged even if their answer isn’t correct.

Learning At Their Own Pace

Everyone learns at a different pace. I give my students the amount of time they need to understand explanations and to work through Maths problems.

Personal Maths Tutoring In Frankston

If you’re local to Frankston then your child can get personal one on one or small group tutoring. I tutor students in Year 7 to 12 in basic Maths, advanced Maths or VCE Maths Methods depending on the Maths they’re doing.

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Online Tutoring Via Skype

Online tutoring via Skype offers an alternative if you’re not local to the Frankston area or if you prefer your child to have lessons in the privacy of your home. Skype tutoring gives you the advantage of no travelling time for your child to have their lessons.

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Online Courses

My “Back To Basics” online course also offers an alternative if you’re not local to Frankston or if your or your child prefers learning in the privacy of your home. Learning this way offers some clear advantages over in-studio courses including anytime access and the ability for your child to pause or re-watch explanations at their own convenience and will also have their questions answered.

I’m Proud Of My Students!

I have students at all levels of experience and ability who are all working towards the same goal: improving their understanding of Maths so they can get better results at school. Wherever they are on their journey I’m proud of their efforts and their results.

What My Students And Their Parents Say…

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