Systems for teaching Maths in a way that any student can learn and master.

My Maths Mission: “Helping as many school aged students who struggle with Maths to become confident with Maths.”

What’s different: My approach ensures students have a solid foundation of the basics to make learning more advanced Maths much easier.

What to expect You can expect to see confidence building in days, because the lessons feel easy. Then consistent working out accuracy starts to come through in several weeks. The schoolwork development follows on after that.

Help for struggling students

They’ve always struggled with Maths.
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About The Mathematics Workshop Education

I’ve been helping struggling students since 1999 with the Back to Basics program.
I think you will find that what I do is different to anything you have tried before.
At the core of the my approach is taking students back to a level of Maths that will give them confidence and proficiency with the basics.
From there they can stair step their way up to the level of skills they need to do the school Maths they’re struggling with and beyond.
Short and easy exercises are the key, not stress and tears.