Is Your Child Getting All The Help They Need With Maths At School?

If they’re not and you’re not getting outside help for them, they’re missing out on maximising their potential.

Today’s environment is very competitive and everyone is invested into trying to give their children the best opportunities they can get.

At school they’re not necessarily getting the best help because it’s easy to get lost in the classroom, everyone learns differently.

I teach in a way that your child is best suited to learn in, so there’s no wasted time with me.

In the classroom if your child is looking out the window or not understanding the work and waiting for help, that’s precious time wasted.

They won’t be wasting any time with me because I’ll be engaging them in the Maths they need help with.

Tutoring That Will Engage Your Child In Learning

I use a wide range of methods for engaging students in Maths in things that they’re already interested in and applying those to the Maths they’re learning.

Fostering an appreciation of the Maths in those things without seeming to have to put any effort into it, and without having to be an expert at Maths to understand it.

Maths is one of those areas that is quite easy for your child to lose their confidence in, and thus under perform.

Not only can I teach good Maths skills I can give your child the confidence to be enterprising to try to do things in Maths they’re usually not so confident about.

So your child doesn’t have to be Mathematically inclined to be good at Maths, they just need to be engaged in it and to practice it.

Maths Tutoring In Frankston

I offer private tutoring and small group tutoring (maximum of 4 students) at my home in Frankston for students from Year 5 up to year 12 in the Maths that they’re struggling with.

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Online Maths Tutoring Via Skype

I also offer online tutoring via Skype. This type of tutoring is a great way of having Maths lessons in the privacy of your home with the advantage of no travelling time for your child to have their lessons.

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Online Courses

My “Back To Basics” online course (Coming soon!) will offer an alternative if you’re not local to Frankston or if you/your child prefers learning from videos in the privacy of your home. This program will help your child learn basic Maths skills and give them the foundation of more advanced school Maths.

I’m Proud Of My Students!

All of my students improve at Maths. Some of them had a history of struggling with Maths before they came to me and with my help managed to completely turn their lack of confidence, understanding and results around. Many of them went on to do VCE Maths Methods, a Maths they never thought they would be able to do.

It’s very rewarding when my students have the “I get it” moment when things click into place in their understanding. And it’s great to see their confidence grow as they realise that they can do Maths and learn how to think their way through problems and get to the point where they’re willing to tackle harder Maths without worrying about getting the wrong answers.

What My Students And Their Parents Say…

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